Online purchase service is available only in Kathmandu valley within ringroad area.

Nepal Lube Oil Limited

Nepal Lube Oil Limited (NLOL) is a licensee of Gulf Oil International, which manufactures and distributes Gulf Lubricant in Nepalese market. Established in 1983 as Lube Blending plant with trade mark agreement with Gulf Oil Corporation Limited; it was incorporated as Nepal Lube Oil Limited under Nepal Company Act 2021 (1964 AD) in 15 July, 1984. It is one of the first four companies in Nepal to obtain ISO 9000 QMS Certification. NLOL was privatized in 2051/2052 (1994/1995) as per the Government’s Privatization Policy. Gulf lubricants has strong performance and market presence in Nepal due to strong and ever expanding distribution network and wide array of products in the market.

We focus on delivering a reliable supply of high-quality lubricants and providing technical application expertise to customers Nepal. We offer our product through direct sales and distribution channels.
We take pride in meeting agreed customer requirements through continuous improvement of our processes to ensure the highest possible products and service quality.