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Gulf General Machinary Oil

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Gulf General Machinary Oil (GMO)(Commercial Vehicle Engine Oil)

SAE 40

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Gulf General Machinery Oil (GMO) is a non-inhibited mineral oil manufactured from selected paraffinic crudes. Its low pour point and good oxidation stability are developed by solvent processing and refining. Low carbon residue, freedom from gumming tendencies and light color are other important properties ofthis oil. Carbon formed form the combustion ofthese oils is soft and flaky and therefore easily removed.

Features & Benefits

The Viscosity of Gulf GMO provide an across the-board capability in general purpose are used effectively for oil lubricated ball and roller bearing, hydraulic and circulated systems, enclosed light-duty, high speed gears, reciprocating steam engines, machine tools, and accomplished by ring —oilers, sight feeds cups, bottle oilers, drip-cups or hand application, and for certain no major amount of additives, they will not react with or displace the fluid in liquid filled lubricator sight glasses.


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