3 Wheeler Engine Oil

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3 Wheeler Engine Oil


Product Name: Gulf 3 Wheeler Engine Oil

API Service: SL

JASO Standard: JASO MA2

Gulf 3 Wheeler Engine Oil is a premium quality 4-stroke gasoline engine oil developed specifically to meet the special requirements of the latest high-performance air-cooled 4-stroke 3-wheelers. It is blended from superior quality high viscosity index base oils and specially selected performance additives to provide excellent protection for the engine, gearbox, and wet clutch used in 4-stroke 3-wheelers. SAE 10W-30 is semi-synthetic. It provides a high degree of reliability even under severe operating conditions. This oil exceeds the international specification JASO MA for 4-stroke3-wheelers oils and the requirements of leading global 4-stroke 3-wheelers manufacturers.

Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding thermo-oxidative stability minimises high-temperature deposit formation and controls oil thickening facilitating extended engine and oil life.
  • Exceptional antiwear properties protect vital engine and gear components leading to reduced maintenance costs.
  • Optimised frictional properties eliminate wet clutch slippage leading to increased power/fuel economy and improved drivability.
  • Unique combination of detergents and dispersants provides excellent control of piston deposits leading to faster heat dissipation and longer engine life.
  • Excellent shear stability maintains viscosity under high temperature-high shear environments and provides improved wear protection.
  • Exceptional low volatility characteristics reduce oil consumption and hydrocarbon pollution.
  • Effective rust and corrosion inhibition property ensures a longer life of critical engine components.


Recommended for new generation 4-stroke gasoline engines in high-performance motorcycles of all leading global manufacturers


1 Litre