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Gulf Ultrasynth X Plus

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Product Name: Gulf Ultrasynth X Plus 0W-16

Viscosity Grade: 5W-30

API Service: API SN

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Gulf Ultrasynth X Plus 0W-16 is an advanced fuel economy passenger car motor oil specially developed for the modern high-output gasoline and turbocharged gasoline engines in passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, vans, and light-duty trucks requiring low viscosity oils (SAE 0W-16). This oil is formulated with specially chosen additive and synthetic base stocks to provide protection to modern turbocharged direct injection gasoline engines from detrimental effects of possible Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) phenomenon. This oil provides excellent protection against wear, deposits & sludge build-up even while operating on ethanol-containing fuels up to E85. It meets the API quality API SN with SN PLUS and Resource Conserving.

Features & Benefits

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  • Robust formulation provides outstanding wear protection at both lower and higher temperatures in engines recommending SAE 0W-16 grades.
  • Specially chosen additives ensure improved sludge protection, piston cleanliness, turbo-charger protection, and seal compatibility.
  • Low HTHS formulation with special friction modifiers helps in further improving and retaining fuel economy as compared to conventional oils.
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity ensures lubrication at lower temperatures.
  • Provides Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) protection in modern turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines.
  • Superior volatility characteristics reduce oil consumption and hydro-carbon pollution.
  • Advanced additive chemistry helps in emission system durability.
  • Compatible with ethanol-containing fuels up to E85.


  • North American, European, Japanese & Korean high-output gasoline engines in passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, vans, and light-duty trucks where API SN (Resource Conserving), SN Plus SAE 0W-16 oils are recommended.
  • Suitable for modern turbocharged direct injection gasoline engines where low-speed pre-ignition protection and such low-viscosity oils (SAE 0W-16) are required.

Note: Not suitable for vehicles using other than SAE 0W-16 grade oils. Please contact the Gulf representative for such requirement


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