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Gulf 4T


Product Name: Gulf 4T

API Service: SJ

JASO Standard: JASO MA

Viscosity Grade: SAE 10W-40

Gulf ZIPP 4T series are premium 4-stroke motorcycle oil developed specifically to meet the requirements of high-performance air-cooled 4-stroke motorcycles. These are blended from high-quality base stocks and additive technology to provide protection to engine and gear components and smooth clutch performance to ensure seamless riding experience

Features & Benefits

  • Superior thermo-oxidative stability minimizes deposits & sludge build-up and reduces oil thickening, thereby facilitating extended oil life
  • Exceptional antiwear properties protect vital engine and gear components leading to reduced maintenance costs
  • Controlled frictional properties eliminate clutch slippage leading to increased power/ fuel economy and improves drivability
  • Very good shear stability maintains viscosity under high temperature-high shear environment and provides improved wear protection
  • Very good low-temperature properties enable easy starting at low ambient temperatures and ensure effective lubrication and wear protection at start up
  • Effective rust and corrosion inhibition property ensures longer life of critical engine components


  • Recommended for advanced 4-stroke gasoline engines in high-performance motorcycles of leading global manufacturers operating in a wide range of ambient temperatures

1 Litre