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Gulf Endurance OIl


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Gulf Endurance Oils are available in various viscosity for general- Purpose lubrication where temperature and pressures are not severe. They are manufactured from crude selected to provide optimum quality for lubricating oil are paraffinic in character.

All grades of their oils can be applied through lubricating devices designed for their particular viscosity and can be filtered through conventional filters as well as those of the Fuller’s earth or activated clay type without ill effect.


Gulf Endurance oils, although non-inhibited, are excellent “Once through” type lubricants for all type of bearing, gears and other machine elements. They can also be used for some circulating systems or non-critical hydraulic systems where leakage rates are excessive or where stability is not an important consideration. Other uses for appropriate grades of Gulf Endurance oils are:

  • Coal sprayoi|(DustSuppressant)
  • Cable Insulating Oil
  • Cordage Oil in manufacture of tyres
  • Process oil in rubberindustry
  • Components of paper and textile sizing
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