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Gulf Transformer Oil


Gulf Transformer Oil (Inhabited Electrical Insulating Oil)

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Gulf Transformer oils are highly refined, non- inhibited, paraffinic transformer Oil of good oxidation stability and high dielectric strength, designed to meet the British Standard and related specifications for electrical insulating oil. Meets the British Standard BS 14821984 Class 1, International Electro-technical Commission Standard IEC 296 (1982) Class 1 and Australian Standard AS1767-1975 specifications.

Features  & Benefits

  • Good dielectric properties resulting in minimum power loss
  • High resistively gives better insulation values between windings
  • High flash point resulting in low evaporation losses due to high thermal stability
  • Excellent interfacial tension for quick water separation
  • Proven resistance to electrical stresses
  • High electrical strength
  • Low viscosity improves cooling
  • Remarkably low sludge & acidity formation in both ageing & oxidation tests
  • Gives longer life to oil and equipment during storage and service


  • Gulf transformer oils are widely used in transformers, oil immersed circuit breakers and switch gears
  • Gulf transformer oils are widely used in special transformers designed to operate at elevated temperatures and in low maintenance free transformers designed to operate for longer periods


Recommended for electrical insulating oil applications such as transformers and oil- immersed switch gear where an oil meeting the BSI, IEC, AS or other comparable specification for electrical insulating oil is required by the equipment manufacturer or user.

Note: Gulf Transformer Oils do not contain polychlorinated b yphen yls (PCBs)


20 Litres