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Gulf EPHD (Heavy-duty industrial gear oil)

EPHD 205 Liters


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Gulf EP Lubricant HD series are high performance extreme pressure gear oils developed for lubrication of heavy duty industrial gears working under severe operating conditions. These are blended from high quality base stocks and sulphur-phosporous type extreme pressure additive system that gives excellent load carrying capability to provide protection against shock loading and wear. The high thermo-oxidative stability of the oil helps resist high temperature deposit formation and oil thickening. In addition, these oils also possess excellent water separation characteristics and offer resistance to foaming. These oils exceed the performance requirements of various industry specifications viz. DIN 51517 Part 3, ISO 12925-1 Type CKC, AGMA 9005 —D94, David Brown $1.53 101(E)and US Steel 224.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent load carrying capability protects gears against scuffing and wear and offers increased equipment life and reduced maintenance costs
  • High thermo-oxidative stability helps resist deposit formation, provides enhanced system cleanliness and enables longerservice intervals
  • Provides effective rust and corrosion protection to all gearbox components
  • Excellent demulsibility property enables trouble-free operation in conditions long encountering water/moisture


  • Wide range of industrial spur, helical, bevel and steel-on-steel worm gears
  • Heavy-duty industrial enclosed gears operating under heavy or shock loading conditions and requiring extreme pressure performance
  • Journal and roller contact industrial bearings operating at low speeds and high loads
  • Suitable for splash, mist and circulating systems
  • Marine gear applications
Product Number

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