Gear ST 90

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Gulf Gear Oil ST 90

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Gulf Gear Oil ST-90 (High Quality Mild Anti-wear Gear Oil)

SAE 90


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Gulf Gear ST is a thermally stable total drivline gear lubricant designed to meeet the severe requirements of gearboxes and axle gears of Scania vehicles and is blended from selected high-quality base oils and advanced performance additives to provide exceptional protection against thermal degradation, component wear and oil seal deterioration for extended service life. it posseses exceptional load caryying capability to provide reliable lubrication in applications, encountering extreme pressure and shock loading. It also offers effective protection against oxidation degradation and rust & corrosion.

Features & Benefits

Gulf Gear ST has exceptional load-carrying capability protects against wera in different operating conditions, enhances equipment durability and reduces maintencance costs and outstanding thermo-oxidative stability minimizes deposits to provide longer gear, bearing and seal life and extended drain intervals, Excellent rust and corrosion protection lead to reduced wear and longer component life and effective low-temperature fluidity reduces wear and provides easy start-up under low ambient temperatures. Good anti-foam properties ensure film strength for effective lubrication and excellent seal compatibility helps minimize leakages and reduce chances of contamination.


Gulf Gear ST is sutied for gearboxes and axle gears of Scania Trucks, Buses & coaches requiring oils approved against scania STO 1:0 and for on-road and off-highway transmission applications requiring lubricants meeting any of the following specifications: API GL-5/MT-1, SAE J2360 and MIL-PRF-2105E, Not recommended
for automatic transmissions and limited-slip differentials.


Gulf Gear Oil ST 90 is generally recommended for winter use, particularly in extremely low-temperature operations. It will minimize winter gear changing difficulties in synchronous and bevel gear transmissions. Gulf Gear Oil ST 90 may also be used in many transmissions and in some rear axles during summer operations. Consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for the proper grade.


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