UTTF Tractor

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Tactors, and also recommeded for equipments in agriculture, construction, quarrying

Gulf UTTF (High Performance transmission-hydraulic fluid for tractors)


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Gulf Universal Tractor Transmission Fluid series are high performance fluids for use in transmissions, hydraulic systems, and, off-road equipment. These fluids are specially designed for use where a common lubricant reservoir serves transmissions, final drives, and hydraulic systems and to optimize the performance of agricultural and commercial tractors. These fluids meet the specifications of major equipment manufacturers of tractors.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced frictional properties optimize clutch performance and ensure noise-free operation of wet brakes
  • High viscosity index coupled with high shear stability provides consistent performance
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity provides good response and effective lubrication at low ambient temperatures
  • Robust anti-wear and extreme pressure properties control wear, extend equipment life, and reduce maintenance costs
  • Multipurpose capability reduces inventory and prevents accidental contamination and misapplication


  • Tractors and other equipment requiring a common fluid to lubricate transmission, differential, and hydraulic systems
  • Recommended for off-highway equipment in agriculture, construction, quarr- ying
  • Caterpillar power shift transmissions requiring a TO-2 fluid
  • Can be used in transmission applications requiring API GL-4 oil except in hypoid gear designs



20 Litres